Envirotech meeting at ASEH, 2/28/09

The Envirotech breakfast was attended by nearly 30 people.  It provided the opportunity hear what people are working on–projects started, books published, organizations and groups founded.

The main topic of discussion was the proposal from SHOT to give all the SIGs a slot on Sunday morning at the conference in Pittsburgh this fall.   There was general agreement that the time should not be used for either a traditional panel or a workshop specifically related to teaching. The suggestion that received the most support was to have an open-ended discussion by all participants about their research and new projects. The purpose would be to encourage “risky ideas” on the part of people considering new perspectives and possibilities.

Therefore, we are seeking 4-5 people with new projects (article, book, syllabus, teaching technology, other) who want to present their emerging ideas and questions in a discussion amenable to the exploration of possibilities and risky ideas. If interested, please contact Ann Greene or Hugh Gorman.

The group also discussed David Nye’s suggestion that the Envirotech prize be given a name. However, the group decided to think about possible names and to discuss the topic again at SHOT in the fall.


1) Envirotech needs a new co-convener, as it is time for Ann Greene to step down. If interested, contact Ann and Hugh.

2) A reminder that there will be an Envirotech meeting at SHOT in Pittsburgh this October.

3) The First World Congress of Environmental History will be held in Copenhagen this August. Dolly Jorgensen is organizing an Envirotech meeting at the WCEH; contact her if you will be at the conference.

4) We will present the next Envirotech prize at ASEH 2010 in Portland, Oregon.  Dolly Jorgensen is chair of the committee.

5) The University of Virginia Press has approved the Envirotech book. It is slated for publication in the second half of 2011, possibly in time for fall course adoptions.

6. Frank Uekötter encouraged people interested in fellowships to visit the website for The Rachel Carson Center for Environmental Studies, which is a joint initiative of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Deutsches Museum.

7). A reminder to send all website postings and listserv questions to Finn Arne Jørgensen at news@envirotechhistory.org.

— Ann Greene