Envirotech Roundtable at SHOT

The Sunday, 9-10:15 am session slot at SHOT 2009 in Pittsburgh has been dedicated to SIG-specific sessions. Envirotech will be having a session called “Taking Risks: New Directions in the History of Technology and Environment.” The session will begin by having panelists present some ideas about where they see Envirotech potentially going based on their own research or project ideas. We have two senior panelists and four graduate students doing some exciting cutting edge stuff who are slated to talk: Ed Russell (Univ of Virginia); Joy Parr (Univ of Western Ontario); Daniel Barber (Columbia Univ); Robert Gardner (Montana State); Shera Moxley (Carnegie Mellon Univ); and Nic Mink (Univ of Wisconsin-Madison). Using the short presentations as a springboard, we will have a group discussion about where Envirotech might be headed in the future.

We hope to see many of you there.