New exhibit – Edward Burtynsky: Oil

Rebecca Pinkus sent the following message:

Canadian industrial landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky’s newest project, “Oil” has recently opened at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, along with several related gallery shows in Amsterdam, New York, and Toronto. The Corcoran exhibit is on through mid-December, after which it will travel through 2011.

I was privileged to work as a Research Associate on this project for the past three years, and attended the exhibit opening in early October: the exhibit is fantastically curated and is a must-see for all envirotechies. It should be required viewing for just about everyone everywhere. The book (tome) that accompanies the exhibit is also worth examining if you can get hold of it. Dr. William Rees (University of British Columbia, and coiner of the term “ecological footprint”) has presented a thought-provoking essay on our relationship with oil, and Michael Mitchell (Canadian author and filmmaker) has supplied some great essays on the historical and social elements of the various “chapters” in Burtynsky’s project.

For those of you unable to make the trek to see the exhibit, you can find many of the images on Burtynsky’s site under “Galleries” or by checking the second Corcoran link listed below.
– this link will give you the exhibit images: