Report from the Envirotech meeting at SHOT 2010

Envirotech was busy at SHOT 2010.  On Friday afternoon, at the break, we feted Joel Tarr with cake to celebrate naming our article prize “The Joel A. Tarr Envirotech Article Prize.”   Pictures will be going up on the website.  Also, Steve Cutcliffe and Ann Greene circulated through the book exhibits during breaks carrying copies of The Illusory Boundary and giving out order forms to everyone we could.

Joel Tarr cutting the cake

The Joel A. Tarr Envirotech Article Prize Cake

On Saturday morning, the Envirotech breakfast meeting at SHOT was attended by upwards of 40 people.

1) Funds and Grants

Based on the survey conducted by Dolly Jørgensen, the group voted to move ahead with a travel grant.  Because Envirotech is a SIG of SHOT, this grant will need approval by the Executive Council.  Earliest approval would be in the spring, and it might be possible to offer our first travel grant by the next SHOT meeting (Cleveland, November 2011).   Arne Kaijser, SHOT president, was at the meeting and confirmed that this time schedule was possible.

Steve Cutcliffe with The Illusory Boundary

2) Leadership

There are 8 leadership slots in Envirotech – 2 convenors, and 2 3- person committees (Grants and Essay Prize).

Currently, we need 4 people to step up the plate.

3 people for the grants committee.  (Note: Sara Pritchard is stepping down but will provide all the information you need to get the travel grant in process.)

1 person to take over from Ann Greene as co-convenor.

Ann Greene at the Envirotech breakfast

The Essay Committee for the next round (award to be given at SHOT 2011) is Tim LeCain, Eric Rau, and Heike Weber.  Dolly Jørgensen continues as co-convenor.

People interested in one of these slots should contact Ann Greene or Dolly Jørgensen.