Envirotech Travel Grant for ASEH 2012

Envirotech is pleased to announce a $250 travel grant for the upcoming American Society for Environmental History conference in Madison. Eligibility for the award is limited to those presenting a paper addressing the interrelated histories of environment and technology at the 2012 ASEH meeting in Madison, WI (March 28-31, 2012). Those who have completed their Ph.D. more than three years prior and are fully employed are not eligible. Independent scholars are eligible regardless of the date the Ph.D. was received. This application must be received by January 15, 2012. The winner will receive a check for $250 at the Envirotech breakfast meeting during the conference.

Applicants should complete this form, and email it along with their C.V. to TravelGrant@envirotechweb.org. Any questions should be addressed to Chair, Envirotech Travel Grant, and submitted by email to TravelGrant@envirotechweb.org.