Manufactured Landscapes available for institutional sale and rental

Manufactured Landscapes is currently available for institutional sale and rental through the film’s US distributor, Zeitgeist Films. The film can either be purchased (i.e., by a university library) or rented directly from the distributor. Details and order forms can be found at:

Purchase: The DVD, with Public Performance Rights (PPR), sells for $195 plus $6 for shipping with rights to screen to groups of up to 50 when no admission is charged (i.e., libraries, classrooms, clubs, etc.). If your university wants to show the film and charge admission, they need to contact Zeitgeist for open showing fees. Zeitgeist requires institutional purchase orders or pre-order payment by check or credit card.

Rental: The film can be rented from the distributor for classroom or non-profit organization use. Contact Zeitgeist for details and price quotes.

If you have any questions, please contact Ben Simington at Zeitgeist.

Ben Simington
Zeitgeist Films

The film will be available for commercial / home purchase/rental in the US sometime in November, and it has recently opened in theaters in some European countries. (So far I’ve heard of showings in Germany and France.)

Download Manufactured Landscapes Flyer in PDF format.